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Brand new double hose wire tidy clips to fit standard 27mm festool dust extractor vacuum hose, All parts were designed by me for my own personal use after I found a need to make life easier and better as I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere on the market

  • This listing is for 8 clips, to fit in the grooves around A hose, to keep the wire clean and tidy, and out the way.  Fits Festool, Bosch, Makita,  Fein,  Dewalt ,all  and any 36mm hose .
  • This is a double clip to take a 6.5 mm cable 240v on one side And 8.2 mm cable or 110v the other side. This is a 3d printed part developed for myself .
  • Does not include the hose or Hoover or the wire Just 8 clips
  • And must point out this is not a festool ,dewalt, makita, bosch .  Tool product
If you are outside of the EU You will be liable for Custom Duties on purchases.  


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